First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and checking out my website!  I have been a Denver-based photographer since 2012 and have been blessed to work with clients both in Colorado and around the United States over the years.  


I served for more than twenty years as a United States Marine, and come from a strong military background as my father served as an Army Officer for more than twenty years as well.  In 2012, I prayed, packed up and decided to leave San Diego, California and moved to Castle Rock, Colorado.   I've been working as a photographer and honing my craft full time since I arrived and have a huge passion for it.  Photography has become as important and life-giving to me as breathing most days.  


I also believe in “Quality over quantity”!


I get asked all the time, "Why did you become a photographer"?  To put it simply, I fell in love with the process of photography and the way it makes people feel when they see what we create together.  I'm very passionate about what I do and enjoy every minute of it.  


One genre I love to shoot is fitness photography, as I've always been an athlete.  I've always connected to athletes of all sorts and in nearly every sport.  Being a Marine and an athlete, I understand competition.  I fully understand the drive of not giving up, then pushing myself to become my absolute best, and that's what I love the most about competition.  


With photography, I love the feeling of being behind the lens and capturing the best image possible, and the joy it brings to the people that I work with.  I’m passionate about how seeing and showing the results of our hard work that we put in together.   In my career as a photographer, I only compete with myself.  I have no desire to compete with other photographers; I let my work speak for itself.  That's how I operate, and I believe, and my clients will attest, it makes my work stand out above the others.


Why should you hire me?  


I always look for the deeper beauty, the absolute essence of a person's being and capture it the best way onto the camera.  I'm not a huge advocate of fixing things that should have been done correctly in the camera during a photo shoot; meaning I'm not Photoshop reliant... It's ALL ABOUT THE LIGHTING!  I am able to shoot almost nearly every single genre from High School Senior photos, High Fashion photography, Fitness photography, Glamour photography, Editorial photography, and Commercial photography.


Did I mention that I approach every challenge with a very positive mental attitude?  I am a life coach and motivational speaker to athletes and youth.  I also market and promote athletes, students, and all of my clients that work with me.  The biggest asset that I offer is how I prepare my clients for OUR photo shoots.  From beginning to the end, I keep in constant communication with my people.  Too many times I've heard of others in my industry that just leave things incomplete and leave their clients hanging with doubt and unanswered questions.  As I always tell my clients, "It's not about you, it's not about me, it's about ‘US’ and what ‘WE’’can build together!"  Those that are willing to do the preparation will be aptly rewarded by a phenomenal shoot.



As a photographer, I like to think of myself as a "one stop shop".  I am a specialist in all that I do.  Just a look through my portfolio shows the wide variety that I shoot.  Some in the industry like to call themselves the "Duty Expert" on their particular niche, however the truth is, they just like doing that one thing, and it doesn't make them an expert.  I mean, people like eating, but it doesn't make them expert cooks either.  Every photo I take is done with love and great attention to detail.


I am equipped to shoot either outdoors, indoors or in studio with great proficiency.  I can work with either artificial or natural light, or a combination of the two.  Also, I photograph and digitally retouch my own photos.  My goal is to become one of the world’s most sought out photographers.  I love to travel as well, and have a sweet deal with the airlines, so even distance is not an issue.  I am single-minded about my work and ensuring that I give people the best product within my abilities.  I don't limit myself with lighting, weather, or location.  I bring my equipment and am always ready to go.


My primary goal is to exceed every one of my clients’ expectations from the shoot through to the finished product.  


Please feel free to contact me in the "Contact Me" section of my website at any time with questions, or to book an appointment.  To keep up with my most recent work, announcements, promotions, etc., please follow and “like” me on Facebook.  


Oh no....I almost forgot something!!  The story about the business name of MikeCon Photography. business name derived from a "play on words".... My name is Mike Conley, and I shoot with a Nikon, so I just merged them into my own thing: "MikeCon".    


I strongly believe that who you are deep inside will reflect on camera, and you can't Photoshop a personality.  Character means everything to me, and I'm all about taking care of my people.


Semper Fi!



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