"Summer Time Photo Shoots" -By MikeCon Photography

As most of my closest friends know....I LOVE winter, and when I say, "LOVE", I mean that with the deepest respect.  There are many reasons I love the cold, but the biggest reason is there are no bugs!  I can't stand bugs biting and stinging me, however, I must admit, I'm a sucker for amazing summer time shots.  

Today's the official second day of summer and I'm already trying my best to heat things up for my clients.  I do my best to ensure that my photography is as close to the image that's "Straight Out Of Camera".  I keep wondering why a majority of folks rely on filters to make their work look cooler.  As I stated on my "About me" section of this website, "It's ALL ABOUT THE LIGHTING!".  Lighting is the essential gift to photographers everywhere.  Most of us study it by the hour and everywhere we go to ensure that we fully understand it.  So to all of my peers and potential clients; get out there and shoot!  Give this summer your absolute best because I truly enjoy pushing my limits on my own work.

Here's an image from the set I recently did with Alex Paine who is my absolute favorite redhead and fitness model.  She is the owner of "Xela's Customs" LLC and made this custom bikini for our photo shoot.   

Custom bikini by  Xela's Customs LLC , worn by owner Alex Paine.

Custom bikini by Xela's Customs LLC, worn by owner Alex Paine.

If you'd like to learn more about the settings, or lighting I used on this shot, please shoot me a message, or leave a comment.