Let me do some explainin'...

I used to shoot in a small studio. It worked when I was beginning, now...I shoot in a studio that's 10 x's the size as the last one, it's got plenty of room, and it's just nice to be able to move my lights around and as high as I want them to be. It's like my home away from home and I'm grateful for it, as I am still grateful for my first studio.  You've gotta go as you grow!

I shoot in gyms...it's a nice thing to do, it's hard to do at times because people are constantly working out, and my equipment gets in the way, however it's a shoot that I do. Gyms are effective when my clients want to showcase how they achieved their hard work. To all of the gym owners out there that opened their doors to me and my people...THANK YOU!!!

I shoot outdoors...it's my first love because that's how I started before I could afford studio time. Outdoors is great because we get to hike up and down hills, water, enjoy insects, the weather and more. It's the hardest of all of the shoots to do because of the weather. Weather is a MAJOR factor. If the weather ain't right...it can affect what we've planned, unless you're one of my "brave and bold" people.

With outdoors, I can shoot with natural light, or mix it with artificial light to give it some "pop appeal". Water...I shoot in and on water, however not under (yet). Water is very hard to shoot in because it constantly moves, or is sprayed into my lens, and other factors, however of all of the shoots, water is a beast to work with.

In all of these...I'm highly proficient in what I do. I pushed myself to become proficiently skilled into mastering these various environments.  That's the beauty of living here in beautiful Colorado, it prepared me for ANY situation that I may encounter; especially being a traveling photographer.  If you're interested in seeing any of my various works, please feel free to visit my Instagram account and book a shoot.  I'm primarily worldwide, however I do consider myself a Denver fitness photographer and I'm proudly serving my supportive clients!


Semper Fi!

Mike - @mikeconphoto on Instagram