DUDE, WHERE'S MY PICTURES?!? - By MikeCon Photography

Almost 3 years ago I wrote this blog, and I continue to push it out to people.  The main reason I do is because it's my official guidelines to getting a great photo shoot out of me and anyone else that you may work with.  Since I've written this blog in 2015, I've only had a handful of people NOT actually utilize it, and a few actually have the balls to blame me for their photos not coming out the way they wanted them to.  If you follow the guidelines (which are basically common sense), you'll have a damn good shoot and an even greater experience.  

The few people that didn't follow them are ones who've shot with other photographers that overuse photoshop, or really just push out mediocre work and hide it in unknown online magazines, then constantly claim that their published in something major.  I'm not going to go into full detail, however I will say this, if you ever do a photo shoot with me and don't follow these guidelines, please don't blame me for your faults.  Most times I'll accept the faults because I am the photographer, and responsible for everything on my shoot, and I'll do my best to keep the peace, however if you want to get down to brass tacks, nah.....YOU have to accept responsibility for your own actions and faults.

Below is the link to my guidelines!!!!

Source: https://mikeconphoto.wordpress.com/2015/10...