"FIT FEATURE: ANGIE SHOUP" - By European/German Fitness Photographer MikeCon Photography

First and foremost, I’d like to wish Angie and all of the other worthy, deserving Mothers out there in the world a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

It’s time for a “Fit Feature” and this time it all belongs to Ms. Angie Shoup!

Angie lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and drove over 10 hours to come and work with me. She was a referral from my client Leslie. Angie and I talked over the course of a couple of months to ensure that her shoot was 100% perfect. The shoot was so good, that I tried to convince her to pack up and move to Colorado to be around more fitness minded people (Colorado is awesome for that!). Below is the interview that I did with Angie. I truly hope that you read what she has to say, and I pray that it inspires others out there to do more, and be more!

Thank you Angie for being an awesome client, Tribe MikeCon Member, and now friend!!


Angie Shoup
Height: 5’5 (165 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs. (58 kg)
Occupation: Fitness Instructor

Describe your life before you started training.

My life before training, was  inconsistent with eating , sleeping, and having energy. I relied on caffeine a lot to help me get through the day. My appetite would fluctuate depending on what I would be eating and drinking. If I had more carbohydrates in my diet, especially from processed foods, I would notice a fatigue crash about an hour or so after eating and would struggle the rest of the day to feel normal again. I would be in constant brain fog throughout of the day when eating poorly.

How different do you feel now compared to then?

My body feels like it’s healthy and functioning properly. Being consistent with routine and eating habits help me stay accountable with my training and fitness routine.

Was there is pivotal moment that motivated you to start training? If so, what was it?

After I gave birth to both of my childrens I made goals set out to achieve weight loss and toning. I feel having kids gave me the motivation and courage to become healthier not just for me but also for them. I wake up every day feeling motivated by wanting to be a  good role model to those around me.

Do you remember your first training session?

I remember struggling how to hold and use proper technique with weight and body.  I felt like sometimes you need to make the mistakes in order to get the correct form and go from there.

How different is your training today?

With training today, I am constantly needing to challenge myself and push myself past my comfortable level. I feel it is so easy to make excuses and stay in the comfort zone but really not much change happens there.


What has been the most rewarding aspect of training for you? Why?

The most reward I have received from training is the fact the I feel the best I have ever felt even after having two children.

What has continued to motivate you throughout your training? Why?

People look to me for advice and direction and I feel the best motivation for me is being able to help others achieve their goals. I feel proud and accomplished when someone tells me a small goal they just achieved by pushing through and not giving up on their goals.

What are your qualifications - why did you set out to achieve these?

I’m certified in Barre, Piyo, and group fitness classes. Also I am a registered nurse.  I set out to achieve these because I love to help people and in doing so make myself accountable to stay fit, active and continuing to challenge myself.

What have you had to overcome to get to where you are today? Did that change you in any way? If so, describe how.

I had to overcome my fear of public speaking and fear of embarrassing myself in front of people. I struggled with both of those issues my whole life. Fitness training has given me new self- confidence and self esteem.  

What is the number one lesson you have learned about health and fitness through your training?

That you are going to go through plateaus and its easy to get stuck in a pattern and not consistently challenge yourself.

What do you wish you had known when you were 16?

That what you put in your body is as important as how you feel about your body.

I always remembered hearing the phrase “You are what you eat.” I felt when I was 16 I did not take care of my body like I could have. I remember skipping meals thinking it would help me lose weight and also remember not drinking very much water. I remember feeling constantly tired and always in a brain fog. I wish I had known even how important it was to drink plenty of water. When you are 16, you can have a hard time listening to what others say and find yourself wanting to learn things for yourself, and with that comes mistakes. I’m thankful I have learned through my mistakes and made changes for improvement.

Describe how training makes you feel.  

Starting from the inside out, when you eat good, you feel good, when you eat and train good , I feel great, Invigorating, happy, and motivated.

Do you have a quote that you live by? If so, why this one?

“If you want something you never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”  It’s true that if you want change, you need to put yourself out there and make it happen. This is so true in a stages of life.

What was your reason for taking health and fitness to the level you have?

I have been so inspired and motivated by others. The purpose of life is to find your gift and give it away to others, meaning inspire and help others achieve their dreams just like those who helped you.


What advice would you give to women wanting to get into the best shape of their life?

Start with baby steps and a plan. Having an accountable friend and a large water bottle handy are also great motivators

What is the most important thing women need to remember when training?

That you need to focus on you and your goals and not get caught up with other people’s achievements.  Why? Remember they are there for inspiration and to not get caught up in their successes and achievements vs. your own.  It is so easy these days with social media and fitness industry to live up to other people perceptions and expectations, but you have to realize that you are your own person with your own obstacles and story to tell.

We all have days where motivation is low – how do you overcome these? Have you always been able to do this?

I think of how I feel after a workout and feels like I’m glad I took the time to take care of myself. Before I would sometimes talk myself out of working out or skipping days but realized you need to give yourself positive affirmations.

Do you enjoy training alone or with a partner? Why?

I have my days where I love being motivated and pushed by some else and also have the days when I put on music and get to working out. Both ways are great to for me just depending on the type of workout.

What would you like to see change in the health and fitness industry?

Hearing real and raw stories from people about their fitness journey I feel is more inspiring than just focusing on the positive aspects of their journey. Hearing about obstacles and challenges people have faces and overcame provides so much motivation to others in help of their journey in the fitness industry.

What would a perfect Sunday involve for you?

Morning church, reading sunday paper, drinking coffee, some outdoor activities, practicing my guitar and mediation and  relaxing in the evening to prepare for the week.


Tell everyone about the following:


(Outline a typical day’s meals please)


One egg or 3 egg whites

Oatmeal with coconut milk and agave light syrup with cinnamon

Apple or banana with peanut or almond butter


Chicken and veggies

Salad with chicken


Chicken or steak

Sweet potatoes and asparagus

Workout week

Monday- legs/ calves

Tuesday - chest, shoulders,triceps

Wednesday - cardio

Thursday- back/biceps

Friday- legs/glutes/calves

Saturday - cardio and or yoga/pilates

Sunday- rest day



Describe yourself in three words.

Open-hearted, open-minded and determined

What is your favourite food to indulge on?

Peanut butter

How often do you treat yourself?

At least once or twice a week, depending on workouts and schedule. I feel the more you deprive yourself of something, the more you want it. When you incorporate into your diet,  your mind feels good knowing you are rewarding yourself. The mind and body work well together if you help and understand how they communicate to each other.

What is your favourite non-cheat food?

Eggs, and asparagus are my go to foods. I love to eat them a variety of different ways.

What is your favourite home-cooked meal? Who cooks it?

Roast and vegetables. I make great roast from the recipe my mom always made when I was younger.

What are the staples in your fridge?

Strawberries, blueberries, chicken, carrots, cucumber, eggs,

What is your favourite body part to train? Why?

    Core which is the powerhouse of the body.  I feel it’s so important to train your whole body and not just focusing on specific parts you want to change. The core helps improve posture and engaging muscle groups that help with upper and lower body.

What is your least favourite body part to train? Why?

Shoulders, different kind of shoulder exercises can put strain on my neck. I avoid lifting too heavy and making sure I have great form to prevent injuries.

Do you prefer to train outdoors or indoors? Why?

  I love to be able to enjoy fresh air working outdoors since I live in South Dakota, decent outdoor weather is very limited during the year. I like to take advantage of doing multiple workouts outdoors, such as running, biking, yoga and hiit training.

Describe the atmosphere in your favourite place to train – what can you see/feel/hear etc.?

    Having open area and great lighting. Also hearing outdoor noises in a nature area.

Do you prefer cardio or weights? Why?

Hard to me to decide, I really do enjoy both. My favorite type of workout would be weights with hiit cardio interval training.

Do you have a favourite book? Why this one?

My favorite book would be, “Who Says you Can’t? You Do” by Daniel Chidiac. It describes a man’s journey through life to help him reach his true self and amazing potential. It’s very inspiring to hear the struggles someone else has overcome and what achievements were produced.

What is your favourite feature? Why?

Name five (5) things you can't live without.

My kids, dogs, water bottle, agenda, car and phone

Name three (3) things most people don’t know about you.

I’m a homebody, I enjoy taking time to myself for mediation or self-reflect

What is on your bedside table?

   Calendar, charger, stress relieving ball, daily devotion, lamp,

What is your best beauty secret?

  To drink plenty of water and moisturize daily

Who is your fitness and body role model? Why?

Kelsey Byers, I feel like I can relate to her journey.  She has accomplished so much from weight loss to fitness enthusiast, online coach and author. Also married with a child.  I have two kids myself and realize the challenges that are faced when you not only take care of yourself but for others as well. Life has its struggles and hardships but I feel having my children has actually motivated me more to become a health coach and fitness trainer, so that I can be a great role model for them.

What do you have in store for the future? What do you want to improve on?

Becoming a certified health coach, as well as working as an RN and fitness instructor. I want to help people with dieting and exercise programs. Also, I would like to improve my lifestyle with diet and sticking to schedule and having more time management, to get things accomplished in a timely manner.

I'm currently preparing for:

I currently do not have plans set for what I am preparing for, although I am excited in the future to search in amazing opportunities in the fitness industry.


None yet, but people can follow me on IG: @angelahealthandwellness.