Achtung Deutschland!!!!!

! Well, if you don’t know, now you know now, I’m in Germany. To be more specific I’m officially located in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I arrived here on 3 March 2019, and so far so good. When I was younger, I grew up in Heidelberg, and Bamberg, so being back in Germany is very comforting for me.

Most people don’t like change. Most won’t do what others are unwilling to do. They get comfortable and stagnant. Most would have NEVER thought about moving outside of their comfort zone. They’ll make up excuses about the language barrier, the food, the driving, or the fact that Germans don’t have closets in their homes. I however embrace change and welcome all challenges, that’s what life’s all about.


So far I’ve been busy house hunting around the area, and trying to find the perfect place to set my roots. Being a photographer here in Germany has a lot of different challenges in comparison to one in the U.S. because you must have a license. I’ve seen on a few social media forums about how people will call the polizei if they see you out doing photo shoots. They also have a law concerning “GDPR” which is basically, get a model and property release for whomever you’re shooting with.


Regardless if you’re into fitness as a hobby, a beginning athlete, or a bodybuilding competitor with the IFBB, WBFF, DBFV, MuscleMania, UKBFF, or INBA please know that I am here to represent you while you’re at your very best here in Europe, or in the U.S. I’m here to work, and work very hard for you. I photograph any and all athletes. I’m here to push myself and exceed my client’s expectations and give them the respect and professionalism that they deserve. Regardless of your location in the EU, I will travel to you, or you can come to me and we’ll make a quality product together. Traveling around Europe and the rest of the world to do photography is something that I’m very used to. I’ve been a world traveler since I was 10 years old.

What we produce is for you and your personal use only. That means that you can use it for your own personal business websites, cards, branding, and more. All of the images I send to my clients are in high resolution. If it’s a strong enough image, yes, I’ll submit it to a magazine for publishing, however it must fit the narrative for that magazine.


As my banner states, I won’t be ready to start doing photo shoots until this summer, however we can talk and prepare for your photo shoot prior to the summer. For me, proper preparation for a photo shoot is imperative. There’s the location, hair, makeup, outfits, etc. that all need to be addressed, and all of those are important to me as well. You no longer have to wait to go to the United States to shoot with photographers that shoot my style…I’m here and I’ll definitely be more than ready for you and everyone else!

Danke! Tschüs!!

P.S. My German is a little rusty, so please bare with me. I’m currently in the process of relearning it.

Mike Conley of MikeCon Photography
Instagram: @mikeconphoto