"The Introduction" by MikeCon Photography - "Castle Rock Photographer"

Beauty Head Shot by MikeCon Photography

Welcome to my updated blog site for MikeCon Photography!

Here is where I'll share some of my inner most thoughts and creative views on photography and the industry I'm in.  If you'd like to know a bit about me...well take a small gaze at my "About me" section of my website: .  There it tells about how the name came of my business came to be and a bit about my origins.

Why am I blogging?  Well, as a photographer, there's times where I feel I need to share things about who I am, what I'm about  and let my audience get to know me.

What do I like to photograph?  Well, that's pretty broad...considering I live in Castle Rock, Colorado, and it's not a metropolitan area.  It's more like a suburban-metro area; located right between Denver and Colorado Springs.  So for me I photograph almost everything.  I do fitness, glamour, fashion, seniors, families and engagements.  My "niche" is portraiture photography.  I like "classy" photos.  Things look like they'll last throughout time and things that look like they belong in a magazine, or poster.  Below, I've included a small video (which you may have skipped on the introduction of my website.  In this video, I've included a lot of my past photo shoots, so I hope you make the time and enjoy the show!

If you'd like to contact me for booking a photo shoot, please feel free to go to the  "contact me" tab and leave me a message with your information, so we can communicate and facilitate!

Semper Fi!
MikeCon Photography