"Kansas City, MO Trip" -By MikeCon Photography

A lot of people really believe that being a photographer isn't work, and that it's all "glamour and glitz", and that's probably because they've fallen for that popular myth that all you need is a camera and anyone can do it.  Well, I'm here to tell you....NO!!!  There's a lot involved in producing a great photo shoot, but that's already been written a few thousand times, and all I want is for people to have my best.  

For my third time I drove 8 hours one way to Kansas City, MO, and did 3 fitness model photo shoots, then 1 high school senior shoot, and then drove 2 hours one way to do 2 equestrian shoots, .  I really had a great time in Missouri and gave it hell.  I'm truly blessed that my makeup artist Tessi was there to assist me for each of these shoots.

This is my first time in Missouri during the summer to do photo shoots.  Normally, I'm here during the spring and having to battle the wind and rain.  The funny thing about Missouri that is unlike Colorado is that it's SUPER EASY to shoot in natural light there.  I shot with strobe lights on occasion, however, if I didn't bring any, I know that I'd still be just fine working with a reflector, or nothing at all.  That's the thing about me, I always know one of my top rules....ensure the lighting is proper because it's EVERYTHING!  To the untrained eye, or the novice, you'd always go to the image that's overexposed vice under.  For me it's about proper exposure every single time for each different lighting scenario.  "Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm." - Van Halen "Right Now".  To me that quote is important in lighting because if you miss the proper exposure, don't try chasing it by raising your ISO to a super high number (yes, I know that DSLR's are meant to do that), but you'll have too much noise and miss the best details of the image hidden in the photo.  My rule is don't be afraid of slightly under exposing, and stay away from over exposing.  

Stay tuned folks for these cool images and to everyone that I shot with....THANK YOU!  I know I'll exceed your expectations once you see the final product!  By the way...if you're ever in Kansas City, go check out the West Bottoms.  It's a great spot for photography, and packed full of little gems.   ;)   


Here I am with my first client,  Johanna Hess .  This is after we wrapped up our shoot and parted ways.  

Here I am with my first client, Johanna Hess.  This is after we wrapped up our shoot and parted ways.  

An after shoot selfie with  AJ Ellison , Tessi and myself!  

An after shoot selfie with AJ Ellison, Tessi and myself!