"MILITARY MINDSET" - By MikeCon Photography

So tonight I was sitting at my desk editing photos and one of my Marine friends shoots me a text message.  At the end of his text message, he said, "Hey Mike, check this video out.  This guy reminds me so much of you and your mindset.  It's awesome to see how you've thrived so much in your photography and dude, this guy is your twin!"

The video is a little long, and graphic in language, however it's really a great reflection of how I am.  It's exactly the mindset that I have for all of those in "Tribe MikeCon".  I take care of my people and I push myself to ensure that I'm, "Uncommon amongst uncommon people!"  Thank you David Goggins for actually articulating EXACTLY what it's all about.  To my Tribe...we're in this together, so let's keep doing what we do, and keep pushing ourselves on the roads that are untraveled!!  

Semper Fi!

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