"MOTHER'S DAY" - By MikeCon Photography

As a photographer we draw inspiration from lots of things.  It could be from other people's artwork, something natural, movies, music, or just from drawing from our own creative juices.  I'm announcing that on April 15th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in my studio... I'll be doing "Mother's Day" photo shoots.  

My inspiration for this comes from the following two turning things.

  1. In 2012 when I purchased my first Nikon camera (D90), I used to shadow another photographer the church I attended.  Every year he would do Mother's Day and Father's Day photo shoots for everyone at the church.  I wanted to do this many times with a previous church that I attended, however due to unknown reasons they decided not to allow me to do it.It could be for the fact that I shoot fitness people and didn't want to be associated with the photos that we produced.

       2. Tupac....I was sitting in my car listening to, "Dear Momma" by Tupac which is now in the             Library of Congress.

For my Tribe MikeCon members, the shoot is free and they'll receive one photo.  Each family will get about 10-15 minutes of shoot time.  For Non-Tribe people, the shoot is priced reasonably.  Please contact me for pricing.  This shoot is NOT for pets.  It's for Mothers and their children.