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"PERSERVERANCE & RESILIENCE (PR)" - By MikeCon Photography

"PERSERVERANCE & RESILIENCE (PR)" - By MikeCon Photography

I went into this business without a "backup plan", or "escape route".  I am an "all or nothing" kinda person when it comes to achieving my goals.  I don't let bad people, or situations stop me for continuing my goals.  You've got to put the work in to be great.

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Well, a lot of times people show up to photo shoots all nervous and that's cool, however there's some that show up thinking that they know everything from "America's Next Top Model" and end up like this:

No matter what you do, don't do this!  Of all things...have fun, and learn to take direction from your photographer.  The person you hire is supposed to be the expert and is going to hopefully deliver you some amazing images!