"WBFF Show Houston, Texas" - By MikeCon Photography

So I had the honor and privilege to do the front stage photography for the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) .  I never had done the front stage photography for a fitness show before, however I have done PLENTY of fashion shows, concerts, and events prior to that.  Here's a few shots from the show.  I really enjoy going to these shows because of the stories I get to hear of each athlete's fitness journey.  How they endured different hardships, and overcame different challenges that life has thrown them to get up on the stage and be judged on their physiques and stage presence.  

Most folks love to tell me about how great of a job that I have and that working with fitness athletes is "so cool", but in reality, I think it's a mutually cool thing because get to learn about them and they get a kick ass photo shoot done with me.  The clients I work with really bring out the best in me with their personalities.  Anyhoo....  Here's a couple of photos as promised...Enjoy!!